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5pm & you look at the clock and you realized you forgot to plan dinner! ... Happens to me ALL the time! You are not alone! 


 It happens so  frequent in fact, that I had to create this meal planner so I could be prepared for the week and not get caught off gaurd! This kit was created out of my personal wants and needs, knowing other people have been looking for something like this too. I wanted to create something that people could use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to help them plan out theirs & their families meals and make their life easier!


This Meal Planner is totally customizable. Created to help you organize & plan your meals, I included different versions so you could create the perfect meal planner that fits your needs. I also included a few pages pre- filled out to make your life easier.  So feel free to use and add too or, of course, fill out your own version.



- Grocery & Costco lists

- Daily, Weekly, & Monthly planner options

- Easy Meal Inspo 

- Different Layout for you to choose from 

- Pantry Inventory List 

- Recipe Cards




The Meal Planner & Grocery List

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