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Are ready to FEEL proud of your life & surroundings...

& FINALLY transform your house into a HOME!

The time is NOW!

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In Home Transformations

We are very excited to share our full-service In Home Transformations. This is the perfect opportunity to take control of your life and surroundings... From hearing your struggles, to organizing that space, and finishing by creating the home of your dreams...  and we will be there every step of the process.


We are based in Based in Kailua, Hawaii... but don't worry, we can travel to you. I would love to hear how we can can help you transform your house into your dream home!


Virtual Consulting

For those off island, or just wanting direction when it comes to their space. We now offer virtual consultations to transform your home. A simple makeover or large scale transformation, The Hartman Home will help get control of your surroundings and create the home of your dreams.

You deserve to be proud of your space!


Virtual Consulting Package includes: 

  • 1 Hour consultation

    • we will go over your goals, explore the space, work out your wants and needs and create a game plan for your project!

  • 2 Hour  Work Session 

    • During this session I will assist in the organizing and purging process. Lay out a plan to implement the last stage of your home's transformation.

  • 1 Hour Concluding Session 

    • This final hour will be used to place any decor, analyze the space and make any final changes to your new and improved home! 

The Hartman Home will be working behind the scenes and between session to ensure we maximize our time together. After the consult, an email correspondence will begin to further our conversation, send ideas of supplies and decor needed to achieve your goals. This will continue through the process of transforming your house into your dream home. 

Please note: All spaces and homes are unique, So if you have specific wants or needs please inquire below to discuss a customized package! 

Home Transformation Inquiries!

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Home Transformation Inquiries
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