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Save TIme, Stay Organized & Make Your Life Easier!


Figuring out how to clean and maintain household can be stressful... Trust me I know! There is just no way you can remember all the little things that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi and annual basis...


The Hartman Home Cleaning checklist was created out of my personal wants and needs, knowing other people have been looking for something like this too. I wanted to create something that people could rely on to help them plan out and tackle their cleaning needs to make their life easier! It remembers it all for you!


This checklist  it totally customizable. Being that I created this to help you organize & plan your cleaning schedule, I included different versions of the checklists so you could create the perfect cleaning planner that fits your needs. I also included a few pages pre- filled out. So feel free to use and add too or, of course, fill out your own version.



- Cleaning Motivation &  How To 

- Daily, Weekly, Deep Cleaning Checklist

- Must Have Products & Tools

- Monthly, Semo & Annual Reminders 

- Prefilled out and Blank Checklists 

The Cleaning Checklist

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