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Momma Coop's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ooooo ok... these cookies are my favorite! I am a sucker for a good gooey chocolate chip cookie! One day during quarantine my momma text me and said "I did it! I created the yummiest doughy-ist chocolate chip cookie". She said she has been practicing and combining different recipes to come up with the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe... so of course I had to drive over there taste it for myself... she did lie! They were pretty dayyyuummm good!

So I stole the recipe and am sharing it with you! It is pretty simple and self explanatory! A few tips I will share with you are... make sure you oven is heated to the full 375. My mom says that's the secret... cook fast and hot! Now... the other tip is actually going to be up to you which one you follow! So my mom melts her butter so it is liquid but NOT hot. When it is liquid you get a flatter, gooey-ier cookie. I personally keep my butter at room temp so it is soft but not melted/liquid. I like my chocolate chip cookies to be a little fluffier but they are still gooey. I recommend trying each way and seeing which one you like... Both ways your cookies will turn out soooo yummy, its just preference! But let me know which why you like! :)

Anyway... I hope you enjoy!


Angelique & Momma Coop


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