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Get To Know Us!

Some of you might be new... others might have been following us since Sawyer first introduced me to his channel almost 7 years ago! Regardless, I wanted to take a second and say... Welcome, we are very excited to have you!

The Hartman Home is something I wanted to create to share with you our journey of creating a home. I have learned so much in these last seven years of being in a relationship and so much about running a home in the last two! I just wanted a place I could share all our links, tools and more!

Now a little history...

Sawyer is from a small island in Florida and moved to LA in 2009. At first he moved their to be an actor shortly after he meet some friends who were doing this "YouTube" thing. They convinced him to start one and 11 years later here we are!

I, Angelique, grew up in Utah. At 16, I decided I wanted to move to LA for acting... my parents were in full support which still is crazy to me... but I loved it! Learned a ton, found out quickly how hard it was to live on my own but I was very proud of how I handled it at such a young age.

How Sawyer and I met... We met at a really random party... like sooo random! The best part I wasn't going to go out that night... in fact I was on the couch, faced washed & in pjs! but my friends made me go and so glad I did... At that party, there were so many people and I was talking to my friends and all of a sudden I see a guy in black jeans and a white t-shirt heading straight for me! and he introduced him self... "HI, im Sawyer... " and the story goes on... I should just do a video on the whole story!

Fast forward....

We dated for two-ish years, moved in together, lived by the beach in LA. Then we ended up vlogging & traveling the world together for 395 days straight! We always visited Hawaii & said one day we would buy a house & raise kids there... Well, we decided to make that dream a reality! Almost two years ago we moved to Hawaii & bought our first house!

Now the reason for this site...

As I transformed our first house & turned it into a home...Project after project... DIY after DIY... I fell in love with the process & sharing the whole journey on my YouTube channel. I'm continually working on some type of home project & always share the tips & tricks that I discover. The feeling of creating a home & running a successful household is something I am very proud of & would love for everyone to experience! So, I decided to create a resource for you of all of my Interior Design & Household knowledge! My goal is to help people transform & create the home of their dreams.

Below is a really cute Q&A we recently did... some really great questions that show you where are at in life!






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